With any event it is so important that all of your guests can hear every word or sound that you are providing them. Atlas Pro AV, utilizes cutting edge equipment operated by highly skilled technicians. Whether it be a small corporate event, large outdoor concert, or a digital recording we strive to deliver uninterrupted communication that sounds crystal clear, so that you will be provided with a sound that is pure and clear down to the last word.


Atlas Pro AV, is proud partners with Catchbox Inc! Engage Your crowd with the world’s first soft, wireless microphone that you can throw into the audience to kickstart a discussion. Getting your audiences involved can be a difficult task, normal microphones are often slow and cumbersome to pass around, use of a microphone ends up slowing the flow of discussion. Catchbox is a soft colorful box microphone designed to make interactive communication fun and easy. Having the ability to throw the microphone around engages audience members while breaking the ice. The Catchbox works well for hands on workshops, and engaging the audience by allowing them to ask questions. This is one resource you will be glad you took advantage of!