Raise the roof with the SL100 Stageline Mobile Stage

Here at Atlas Pro AV LLC, we have come to rely on the quality of our products as an added promise that we can provide our customers with professional services that make each event stand out. When working with our SL100 Stageline Mobile Stage we’ve come to value it so much we decided that we needed more than just one. So as of this August we purchased our second SL100.

If you aren’t familiar with an SL100 here is five fun facts that you might find interesting:

  • Each SL100 has a set of Masts that raise and lower the roof with the use of hydraulics.
  • The full height that the roof can be raised to is 13 Feet
  • The panels of the roof fold down and become the side panels of a trailer for easy traveling.
  • Once the roof is raised the stage can withstand winds of up to 115 miles per hour. (Without the use of the windwall.)
  • The 2017 SL100 can hold up to 6800 pounds of rigging on the roof, and the 2019 model with all of the new upgrades can hold up to 11,400 pounds of rigging. That’s almost double!

Stageline Stages are second to none with superior structural design, safety features including inspection certificates, and easy travel/ setup. To learn more about the SL100 check out https://stageline.com/products/sl100/

We are proud to use them at any event. Don’t take our word for it though, try it at your next event and see.